Xinnian Kuaile !

Assalamualaikum ...

 Hello Malaysia! Hi sunshines! *eyewink*

Ngeee ...

My past entry if you can't find where is it (perhaps) , A million sorry as i might have delete all of it. Includes the giveaway, contest, segment, and so on . Sorry again and it might kinda trouble you much and again , i'm sorry .. *ducklips* Some of it were my past. I don't want to look back anymore. *smile* Oh ya! It has been a long time that i'm not updating my blog. Sorry na blogg. I have to leave you not updated for  a long time. (not actually.hiks) -.-'

Preddy right? :3 Aliss , i steal this one ok? No heart feeling ok? Mmuah.

 Masih sempat kan nak ucap Selamat Tahun Baru ? hee, Happy New Year everyone!! *love*
Mesti semua ada Azam untuk Tahun 2014 ni kan? =) Nak Share dgn Mira? =D Boleh je! *eyewink*

 Azam Mira banyak wo! Kalau cerita, sampai esok tak habis! *tongue* Ahaha .

Ihiks. My English are so bad, day by day but put the shoes on i will fix it! (pepatah sendiri.tehee)

Take a walk in the park .. inhale and exhale ... baby i've been i've been playing hard ... lulz.

Not much to say just listen to your heart and the sky is yoursssss. Open up your mind and see like me , open up your plans and then your free. <3

 By the way, my baby, she gave birth few weeks ago and three kittens were born. I got that kinda amazed and overwhelmed feeling as i'm the one that watch my cat gave birth. It was such a memorable moments. 

 Nothing much to type, and , my first day at school was so awesome (perhaps.hiks) Mira jumpa kawan masa pergi Kem dan dia juga perasan Mira mungkin tapi ahah . Takut nak tegur! Takut salah orang! Sebab , Mira ingat dia Form 4 tapi dia bawa buku Form 5. Naaa , salah orang agaknya! -.-'

 Need to go now. Much sorry for the grammatical errors so do broken English. =D


  1. salam kenal..
    i think u english not so bad..ok apa.. :)

  2. Selamat Tahun Baru =)


  3. Broken english is ok..coz i still understand..ngeh..ngeh...slmt thn baru eh ^_^

  4. Sobri => ihiks. Terima kasih! =D

    Azza => Selamat Tahun Baru juga! =D <3

    Kak Syaz => ahah! Selamat Tahun BAru juga! =D <3

  5. happy new year and its like a lil' late to wish for you hoho


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