True friendship are like star ...

Assalamualaikum ...

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Suka tengok Spongebob tak? Spongebob comel gilee.Suka tengok cerita Spongebob. Suka tengok persahabatan antara Spongebob Squarepants dengan Patrick Star! <3

You gonna miss when i'm gone. gone. gone. You gonna miss me by my hair you gonna miss me everywhere you gonna miss me when i'm gone ...

Everytime we fight on something ,  please remember that I'll always care about you. 

haha . pantes aja giginya cuma DUA. xD

O oh malunyaaaaa! xD

Patrick is so sengal !

love u bebeh xD

Dalam buku teks BI, ada pic that black oily man

Brilliant Patrick and blurr Spongebob <3

this scene , bila Spongebob buat salah masa tgh mengecat. Remember?


That's what my eyes always do when it's English time! -,-
Or even something someone that i admire walking infront of me .. 

Of course, no friendship relations are always happy and smooth.
There's obstacles just like every other relationships in life, be it family or boy-girl relationships.

We quarrelled, we fall, we broke.
We think, we thought, we tell.

Friendship isn't a big thing, it's a million little things ".
You don't say "I love you" to your friend, but your actions help to prove it all.

Without friends, your life is a misery.
Without true friends, you would have a deprive life.

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When I met you, we weren't alone.. CUPID was there too and he hit me with his arrow, then BOOM! suddenly I'm in love with you. *biggrin*

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